What is green hydrogen?

Updated: 7 days ago

What is green hydrogen?

Anyone thought of global carbon emissions that need to reach zero by 2050? What are the effective ways that will help us reach this goal? One of the brand-new solutions is green hydrogen. Green hydrogen by definition is hydrogen that has been produced exclusively from renewable energy with a variety of advantages making benefit that it is a clean burning molecule.

The main aim of using green hydrogen is to decarbonize a range of sectors that have been proved hard to clean up in the past. In addition, hydrogen is used to heat our homes and can store renewable electricity. It is important to note that renewable energy can facilitate the process of decarbonization and can reach up to 60% reduction of the total world emission, but to finish this process completely, green hydrogen is the key.

Many nations across the world are moving towards the use of this innovation, although this quantum leap will take some time due to the relatively high costs of green hydrogen and its storage complications.

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