Renewable Energy Storage By Sanad Mehyar

The wind is not always blowing and the sun is not always shining, that saying that resembles the continuous fight to store energy.

One of the bright solutions is lithium-ion batteries, although their usage has been implemented in many top companies such as Tesla, the problem lies in their high price, as well as the fire risk they pose.

To solve such a problem, what is known as flow batteries came into the race. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries store liquid electrolyte in an external tank meaning the energy from the electrolyte and the actual source power generation are decoupled. This brand-new technology causes less risk and can withstand a larger capacity.

In addition, companies declare that their cost will be far cheaper compared with lithium-ion batteries; however, the difficulty in providing energy for weeks and months still remains as a significant drawback.

More efficient ideas were suggested such as gravity-based system, chemical and thermal storages and other creative solutions, but companies still require a lot of time to ensure that these projects are applicable and safe to implement.

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