Nuclear Phase-out and Replacing it by Renewable.

First of all, according to recent studies both renewable and nuclear have less CO2 emissions and less pollution level to the environment than coal, natural gas and oil. But we need to keep in mind that nuclear is dangerous and expensive, and just because nuclear power is invisible doesn’t mean it is clean.

Germany nuclear phase-out policies and plan is to replace nuclear with renewable, but in the process a major breakdown has occurred, due to the lack of the generated electricity after shutting down almost all of the nuclear power plants and because renewable energy is not ready yet to take over nuclear power plants, Germany had no choice but to turn back to coal and natural gas to replace the decommissioned nuclear reactors which lead to negative feedback and increased the CO2 emissions and pollution levels more than most Europeans countries. This problem won’t be solved before 2038, according to the Germany’s government renewable energy won’t be able to replace coal which replaced nuclear until 2038.

The figure below shows CO2 emissions per KWH

The reason behind nuclear phase-out is that nuclear reactors is killing 1100 person every year due to air pollution and increasing carbon dioxide emissions by 36.3 million tons.

Many researchers and experts all over the world classified Germany’s decision with this rapid nuclear phase-out as an overly emotional response, Since it lead to more damage to the people and the environment due to coal and natural gas burning.

We will agree that Germany’s decision to shut down nuclear reactors is the right thing, but do you think Germany did it in the right time?

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