Chapter Officers Take Place

Updated: Aug 4

Good day, I am Sandy Miguel a third year electrical power and energy engineering student and I will be the chapter's president for the upcoming year.

I joined the AEE two years ago and I really can't express how much the chapter has influenced me as a person. I met lots of amazing people who inspired me to keep giving my best and be more passionate about the energy industry.

I have gained a lot from all the webinars, workshops, different events and site-visits our chapter held.

The AEE has improved so many aspects of my life, like the courage to speak my mind, adapt to change and be responsible in my everyday life.

I would say that my vision is to make members feel like it's home, because when you have excited people around you who are willing to put in the effort and make a change, you will automatically be moved to make a change as well.

Not great things, but small things with great love!

Sandy Miguel

Chapter's President

Hello, I am Buthaina Qutishat a fifth year electrical power and energy engineering student. I have been an AEE member for over three years and I will be the vice president this year.

AEE has a very high impact on my academic and social life, people in the chapter are so warm and welcoming, and they always inspire me to do more. I also met lots of experts in the energy industry which has helped me so much both personally and academically.

The amount of knowledge I gained from all the webinars and workshops I attended is immeasurable. Moreover, AEE gave me the chance to give back to society through all the community service events they did.

I am really excited and looking forward to an amazing year!

Buthaina Qutaishat

Chapter's Vice President

My name is Nader Abdel Aal a fourth-year electrical power and energy engineering student, an active member since last year, and will be the chapter’s secretary for the upcoming year.

As a student not knowing exactly what I was looking for, AEE had helped me find out by gaining a lot of hands-on experience both technically and professionally since the moment I joined.

AEE is a learning experience for everyone, and the size of support you will get from such a community is just amazing. I had met a lot of people through the chapter, who now is considered a family, always helping and lifting each other up.

We had already started planning for our upcoming year that will surely elevate and outperform an already outstanding chapter. Having such a family working together as a team was and will always be crucial for the success of our plans.

Stay tuned!

Nader Abdel Aal

Chapter’s Secretary

Hello everyone, I am Yousef Al-droubi and I study electrical power and energy engineering and I will be the chapter's treasurer.

I am really excited about this role and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve! I learned so much things since I joined the AEE, one of which is teamwork. People here inspire me to be a better version of myself and they have impacted me both personally and professionally.

I am looking forward to meeting more people and experts in this great industry.

Hopefully, I will try my best to give back to this chapter because it truly gave me so much!

Yousef Al-droubi

Chapter's Treasurer